Fashion: An Important Roles In The Fashion Industry

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Fashion Industry What is fashion? Fashion represents a popular trend, based on clothing and the design. Fashion plays an important role in society, allowing people to express themselves on who they are. Without starting fashion trends we will most likely be wearing uniforms and all look the same. Fashion also brings people together on sharing one another's taste in clothes. What most people don't pay attention to is the designers behind the trendsetting. These people make up the fashion industry. The fashion industry is accountable for the design, manufacture, selling of clothes and accessories whether it’s sold online or in stores. Many people create a living out of becoming a part of the fashion industry. Therefore going into a great fashion…show more content…
Teaching the economic standings of different countries globally, as well as teaching about cultural diversity. According to the article Fashion Education, “Some colleges and universities balance a major in fashion design or retailing with required general or liberal education courses that expose students to a broader worldview, other four-year institution concentrate solely on the theory and practice of art and design and all curriculum offering stem from that singular mission”(Fashion Education 2). This explains how being a fashion designer does have a major part in the education system, It may not teach the basic schooling materials, but it does teach step by step how to start self-employed businesses in fashion. In some countries worldwide fashion schools specifically universities offer you required general or liberal education. The students are able to earn varieties of degrees like bachelor’s, master’s or even doctoral on arts depending on how far they wanted to go or learn about the fashion industry. The majority of people, especially parents wanting their kids to have the best careers might find fashion a waste of time to be studying because they don’t analoge it as important as other careers like being a lawyer for instants or doctor or other “successful” jobs, Although conversely by going or looking into the best programs for fashion at a university…show more content…
In the article “Business start-up essentials: Most entrepreneurs need to know and do to succeed” it says “It’s critical to do your full homework and go through the evolution of an idea to have successfully launched a business.” Entrepreneurs visualize starting a small business, but aren’t aware of the challenges and risks that come with it and can feel discouraged to continue their companies. It also includes “Entrepreneurs also must be willing to tolerate failure, which is common in business. Business owners often fail four, five or even eight times before they are successful.” The significance of beginning entrepreneur to have the mindset of failure, to have it expected and not lose hope in their goal to start a business because you will always face a challenge before your breakthrough occurs because you must continue following your passion to keep pushing for what you want no matter the obstacle. Weather if it is about starting your own fashion career or any type of business you should prepare yourself mentality with any sort of obstacles coming your way. In order to succeed with your business, you need to have the motivation to start a business, do not slack interest on what you have your mind to because the type of dedication you put into your business is the results you will

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