Fashion And Communication: The Connections Of Fashion As Communication

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Fashion as Communication by Malcom Barnard explores the connections between the concept of fashion, communication and culture. It aims to clarify that fashion and clothing are means of communication. Barnard says in the introduction, “And it will argue that clothing and fashion, as communication, are cultural phenomena in that culture may itself be understood as a signifying system, as the ways in which a society’s experiences, values and beliefs are communicated through practices, artefacts and institutions.”
Here the principal is that fashion and clothing are forms of nonverbal communication where no spoken or written words are used, but they send silent messages. One can even say that fashion is a global language which creates a visual form of communication.

Communication is usually thought of as a verbal way one person speaks to another. Several different mediums of communication have been introduced or added to the list of mediums in more recent years. Such as, art, music, poetry and even dance. These mediums of communication so to speak, have broadened the definition of communication. Creating, conveying and representing messages has expanded from just the verbal aspect to the body as a whole. Therefore, increasing our understanding of communication.

Body language is not necessarily determined by hidden signs, which could be crossed arms or fake smiles, but also the kind of clothes a person wears. It acts as a form of body language. People often try and portray

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