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Elizabethan Fashion Elizabethan fashion is very different than fashion today. The people in that time loved to dress up in their extravagant outfits and makeup. The people went through great troubles and pain to look this way. Dressing up was a big part of this era. Their fashion was a big part of their identity and social status. The more wealthy people had more extravagant and colorful outfits.
There are many layers to the Elizabethan dress. They wore a layer that are like thin trousers. They wear a thin nightgown-like dress over that while wearing a corset over that. To make the dress have a full appearance, another layer would be stiff so it would make the woman appear to have large hips. Finally, they would put the actual dress on to finish off their outfit.
Both men and women would occasionally wear what they called a “ruff.” A ruff is a ruffled
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Some of our biggest celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, wear waist trainers and corsets because people still desire that hourglass figure. Most people know the dangers of corsets now, so they don’t wear them as often. Still, some people want to look good over everything and don’t care about the extreme health risks.
Another example of Elizabethan fashion used today would be the process of building up material for a more “poofy” look. Tutus are used by ballerinas and just anyone who wants to wear it. They have a material called tulle that makes the tutu. In the Elizabethan era, they would build up several layers of clothing for a full, large look. The same process is used in making tutus and tulle skirts.
In conclusion, the Elizabethan people didn’t care about health risks, just as long as they look a certain way. The dangers these people were willing to go through was unreal. Men’s fashion was just as important as women’s and they were also held to a certain standard. People still get inspiration from the Elizabethan era today for trends and runway

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