Fashion And Identity Essay

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FASHION IS A PRACTICE THAT INDIVIDUALS USE TO EXPRESS IDENTITY. Jiyeon Lee (LEE17518084) BA(hons) footwear 1st year Word count: Identity is a quality of person that makes different from others. It means that every single one of us are different from others. Not only the characteristics but also the way we dress up and recognize our sexuality, gender. When we go out and go to a restroom, we see the sign of male and female on the door. Usually for the female room, we can see a human figure wearing skirt, and for the male room, pants. Such as pink for girls blue for boys, soft ribbons for girls and neckties for boys, I always wondered why people signify them with clothing and how we are so used to this kind of term. Of course woman and man’s body structure and natural ability is not the same, because from the figure of body we can clearly see difference of male and female. But what I’m trying to say is why do fashion has to clarify and make sexual class of gender. And from this primary thoughts, I wanted to look up for what clothings that symbolizes sexual class and how women (mainly from 20th century) overcame the prejudice and express their masculinity through them. Because women tend to dress more like masculine and androgynous nowadays, I was wandering about the evolution of women’s fashion especially through wearing ‘masculine’ clothes throughout history and how women’s social position grew up by expressing themselves with fashion. As the time goes, women’s right

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