Fashion And Individualism In Fashion

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Stylish, Edgy, Unique and Cool Brand this is what fashion industry and fashion designers are trying to be. Fashion is all about utilizing clothing, products and its costumers to prove to the world that they are more different and unique than the average. But the question that arises is that could the costumer really find his identity and achieve individualism through clothing? And at what cost they are willing to spent? “Each year over 250 billion dollars is spent on fashion including accessories, in the United States, and over 20 billion in revenue is generated annually “( Fashion and Advertising Fashion industry uses the technicality of making the consumer escape from the reality in the fashion advertisements. They focus on advertisements that transmit the life of luxury and wealth that all people wish to have, so they believe that they can live, feel this life at least by wearing this kind of clothing. For example this Gucci ad below with the slogan ‘Timeless’ and two well put together couple the lady with skirt and suit ensemble and the man with suit cuff links and the loafers creates to the consumer a sense of elegance and grace, both are wearing a Gucci luggage in an airport setting this conveys to the consumer money and wealth. These simplistic advertisements delight many consumers because it fulfills a desire they couldn’t fulfill in reality except by wearing the Gucci label, and on the other hand fashion designers are living off the fame of their

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