Fashion And Modernity: The Ideas Of Modernity

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When I think about modernity, the first word that comes in my mind is “fashion”. People, today observe the outer appearance of a person (i-e the way he has worn clothes, the accessories he has used) to gauge how modern a person is. In the past few years, the way people used to appear was a way different. Earlier, they wore pants just below the rib with belts just to cover up the inelasticity of the pants. Today, belts have become more important than pants which are wore even below the stomach. Just think what will happen after 20 years! Jeans, which was made for the winter seasons for the colder part of the world, is worn by most of the Pakistanis, even in summers. In the past, there was a trend of loose shirts on fit bodies but now, fit shirts on have become more common. Loose bodies men wear shirts like if they are “the only left of the last king of the earth” children with their first button opened sleeves unfolded and collars erected caps and sun glasses are worn for no special reason. Before 20 years, there was only one common hairstyle of shifting all the hairs to one side but today, everyone is coming up with a different hairstyle. Modernity has become more of “showing off”. People only seem to show what creative ideas they have to look smart and modern. Even in the showbiz, there is so much difference between the two times that a person watching a movie can easily decide which decade it belongs to. In the Siddhartha dab article, which is also of the modern times, on
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