The Influence Of Technology On Design

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Design is much more than the process of making clothes; it's a scientific art form that involves calculations of execution. Looking at fashion theoretically The execution of ideas, fantasies, and art into a beautiful depiction of an inner world through an artists mind. This research proposal will illustrate the significance of fashion merging with technology and how important it is for a designer to formulate their objectives, and produce it in an orderly manner. The elements of a true designer do not only involve the process of coming up with concepts and sketching on paper; this includes having a very theoretical approach to their craft. A well produced line or collection, includes paying attention to detail of the theme of the collection,…show more content…
People during that time period were ingenious and had hoped to turn around the world and invent new concepts out of the ordinary and mundane. The renovation of architecture, art, and even education was something that made this era memorable. Therefore, the main aspect of my project is to find similarities between self, fashion, and most importantly its reinvention through technology. An artist has a reason for creation; it not due to only want to produce something that is void of meaning and that being said I want to be able to produce significant products that are aesthetically pleasing but also come with a function. The impact fashion has had on me when I was a kid was very substantial and has had a powerful impact on me. Dressing up everyday was more than just putting on clothes; it was a form of escapism for me. My clothing choices reflected who I was and made me live vicariously through the characters I made up in my head. As I grew older The introduction of technological advances in fashion has slowly become more acceptable, with mainstreams designers such as Iris Van Herpen and her use of unusual material choices and collaboration with…show more content…
Not only is fashion advancing with how clothing is made, whether its laser cutting or manipulating fabric, it's changing how we incorporate several materials into our everyday wear and change the function of clothing. In addition to adding materials and producing garments with multiple functions, we have seen the personalization of garments influencing the market. The accessibly of purchasing clothes from online stores, to finding designers who can personalize what you have in mind, the technology revolution has influenced the wave of people discovering their personal style. The fashion industry has been aware that even though 3D printing is on the horizon of becoming the next big thing, the functions of clothing being produced by different materials has not been too feasible to sell into market. The hopes of introducing new material and eliminating the idea of regular clothing will soon become a reality; the collaboration of art and science will soon change the frame of design forever. The introduction of technology has made it more exciting and collaborative not only for designers; but for the forward-thinking innovators and scientists that would like to lend a hand in making a

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