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I think I am the perfect fit for Parsons The New School For Design. I was interested in fashion since I was very young, and I also used to design clothes for my dog. I got interested into fashion because my mother used to be very fashionable. I always wanted to wear heels and dresses like her, and I started to follow what she was wearing. I got into middle school, and I started to grow taller than any other girls. I was the tallest girl in the class and people used to say that I have a perfect body shape for a model. Since I was interested in fashion, I also had a dream of becoming a fashion model. I watched a lot of TV shows about fashion models and fashion designers. Then I started to be curious about the career, fashion model. After the research, I learned about various jobs related to fashion in the world. And then I dreamed…show more content…
However, not everybody agreed with this thought. I had a long story to persuade my parents about what I was dreaming. My parents had high expectations of me, and they wanted me to study English more than others. I felt pressure every time when my parents or adults surrounded me use to say that I need to be an English interpreter. I did like studying English, but I did not want to be an English interpreter, since I was interested in studying about Fashion industry. I talked to my parents about what I truly want to be in the future, which is a fashion merchandiser, but they did not agree with me, but instead they gave me a bad opinion that I am not going to be successful with that career. I was panicking and I felt like no one is trying to listen or respect my opinions. I was afraid that they will not allow me to study in this area, but I made a big chart and wrote down my plans of what I am going to do when I grow up. Once I was done with listing them, I decided to show my parents. This time, they did not say no about my career and they respected my opinions

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