Fashion As A Fashion Industry

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Foluke Callender
Due: September 30, 2016
Research Paper As fashion advanced throughout the years, one thing always remained the same, the viewpoint of what it means. When people think of fashion they think of models, designers, or photographers, but the world of fashion is so much more than just that, that’s where I come in! My career goal from here on out is to become a Fashion Marketer, personally I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I never expressed my interest until I got older. Nevertheless, fashion is just more than art, it's a lifestyle, not only does each pattern, design, rip, or even color represent the designer behind the clothing, but it also represents someone with a similar taste. As for fashion
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As I stated before, in the world of fashion marketing creating campaigns is one of the most important duties that is performed. When a designer creates new fashion or even a new line they come to a marketer; a fashion marketer is kind of like a manager, but for designers. They help create ideas that would help designers reach out to consumers. A fashion marketers job also involves buying fashion, and even managing retail outlets. While this sounds like a high end job some fashion marketers work in simple places such as store boutiques, this allows them to work closer with consumers to see exactly what they like. Part of being a marketer is knowing your history, as a marketer it is your duty to know not only the latest trends, but the past trends, you must sleep, eat, and breathe the designs that everyone has seen not yet seen. Much like any other career, fashion management takes basic everyday skills and turns it into a work of art. However, while this career seems it only involves the designer and the “manger” this isn't the case, as always like any other career this one also involves more than a team of two for its accomplishments. While on duty the work of the manager is never done, not only do you work closely with designers, but you also work with a marketing team and several other divisions. Despite, the stress that may come with this job I think it’s safe to say that an annual salary of $40,384- $124,728 can make anybody love their job. Besides, if you like to travel and explore new places then this job definitely has its
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