Fashion Changes In The 1920s

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The Roaring Twenties was an exciting time in history of which many changes took place that affected both people of the past and present. Women were were greatly impacted during this time period, their lifestyles changed as well as their fashion. Womens fashion had a drastic change that was not just the introduction of glitz and glamor, it symbolized their new freedom of expression. The 19th Amendment, which granted all women the right to vote, influenced the innovations and new fashion of the 1920s as it gave women the confidence to change tradition of conservative and restrictive clothing. The Flapper was born during this time, she was the face of the era. Change in fashion during the 1920s positively affected women as it introduced a…show more content…
These opportunities include jobs and also new activities. Fashion designers had a strong influence on young women, they were able to introduce women to androgynous styles and sports fashion. The fashion industry was booming, new styles created a market of various fabrics and colors.Clothing was introduced was women eager to do anything that a man could. For example, “During this time there was a great increase in the number of women in clerical, trade, and professional groups, and the number of women in the workforce grew to 8,500,000. For many women, their first job outside the home was in the garment industry” (Presley, 317). The increase in styles and innovations in fashion created large demand for workers in clothing factories, many of those employed were women. Some of those women who began working in the garment factories then went on to work in marketing and other positions in the fashion industry. Another new opportunity that fashion introduced was sporting wear, innovations and improvements were made so that woman could have the appropriate type of clothes to perform well. For instance, “ Private women 's colleges led the way in adopting exercise clothing that allowed women to develop their athletic abilities, exert themselves physically, and compete in team sports. Women 's colleges banished corsets and high-heeled boots from the gym, adopting romper suits for…show more content…
Empowerment is to make stronger, more confident, or to claim one’s rights; 1920s fashion did just that. They no longer were completely obedient to men, disregarding social norms and the expectation to stay in at home, clean, cook, and have children to care for while the man goes to gamble or drink with his friends. Women now had the opportunity to make a living for themselves, be single, and go out and enjoy their youth instead of having children. If they were interested in having a family or even just a casual partner however, they could go out and find one in their alluring new style. “The “nice” women began to smoke and drink in public, and to show their new-found freedom in dress as well as social habits. The shortage of men created by the war brought a demand for more alluring clothes, which found expression in the short skirt and the adoption of trousers by women for both formal and sportswear” (Presley 317). The image of women in the 1920s is young and bold- their fashion was risque and the lifestyle was extravagant. They enjoyed their freedom as strong individuals, they rebelled against tradition. Going against gender norms is an example of this, “The 1920s fashions allowed women to experiment with the appearance of gender... By the 1920s, the word "flapper" came to signify a young woman with a "boyish figure." Because this fashion of female boyishness dictated a particular body type

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