Patterns Influencing Consumption Behavior

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CHAPTER 3 Methods and Findings 3.1 Research Design and Methodology A survey research was conducted to collected data at a single point in time using questionnaire to examine the patterns of association between dependent and independent variables in our study. Consumption behavior was taken as a dependent variable while product and advertisement were independent variables. A survey questionnaire was developed that included different questions related to these variables. The initial pool of questions were submitted to the mentor for the evaluation of content and face validity. By eliminating and adding few questions, the questionnaire was finalized. 235 questionnaires were distributed and after screening 221 were usable. Using Likert scale,…show more content…
Analysis revealed that increase in age leads to decrease in consumption behavior of fashion clothing. It means that young people are taking more interest in fashion clothing. Gender has not shown much effect on the consumption behavior of fashion clothing. Males and females both are equally interested in the purchase of fashion clothing but still we can say that females have a little more tendency to get involved in fashion clothing. Marketers should give attention to both gender fashion clothing. Income has not shown much significance and a negative effect was observed in the…show more content…
Some modification was done while conducting the study due to less availability of time. Control variables such as age, gender and income were also included in the study. The study framework appears to be a valuable contribution towards bringing together the different constructs of measuring consumer involvement in fashion clothing. The study provides both a theoretical and a practical level of understanding in consumption behavior of consumers. The findings take the literature in the direction recommended by Muehling et al. (1993) by concentrating on various types of involvement. The various determinants of consumers’ involvement in fashion clothing provide a guide for fashion marketers and strategy developers. 5.2 Implications The present study has important implications for the academic as well as marketing practitioners. Marketers should identify the needs of our diverse social groups and should come up with more variety in product and should pay more attention on the quality of their product. Marketers and retailers may spread awareness of their product through better advertisement as they play a significant role in molding the consumption behavior of fashion clothing of consumers. Males and females, both are almost equally involved in fashion clothing so attention should be given to the fashion clothing of both males and

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