Fashion Essay: How Fashion Affects Our Society

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Today’s topic is going to be about fashion affecting society. Every person has different opinions on how this works. First of all fashion trends is making people go insane. Literally not everyone, but some are getting wrong ideas. Parents are complaining about why their kids are not focusing in school. Fashion is the reason why their brains aren’t focus on learning the attention fashion is giving. Why are people feeling uncomfortable with them? Well there being judgmental. Fashion is a whole other story when things start to be in issue. Changing trends and values are on another level. First, people are too focused on how they want to dress and change their whole closet for a style. But do they know that they are making the wrong choices.…show more content…
First, teens like to be popular, so they like to have a style. On the other hand, not every person is worried about being all that. Although some are being judgmental and bullied, which can cause serious problems. “Today children are growing up too fast”. For instance, the girls are being so picky about their clothes. The boys themselves like to have all the swag and be the cool kids. “This is causing the current generation to grow up in a shallower world where looks are more important than personality and skills”. In addition, personalities and skills are what should be important because it is what makes you a better person. The attention that fashion is giving you will not get you anywhere in life. For one thing, materials like this is a waste of time there is no need to be the person who only cares about their style. In the meantime, fashion is putting pressure on the kids and is distracting their learning. At this point, parents need to start being more aware with their children. As you can see, they should be taught to value of self-respect and love their natural selves. There is a harsh world out there that can change your mind in every way and you want to be protected to do the right things in life or the
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