Fashion In The 60's Research Paper

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Influences of Fashion in the 60’s

There is a plethora of events that shaped fashion during the 60 's.Politics had an extensive influence on fashion. For example Jackie Kennedy was a fashion figure-head during the 60 's. As people started to rebel against conforming fashion began to spread into two different vessels. Music birthed a whole new meaning to self-expression. The Beatles were booming, as well as their followers with go-go boots and crazy patterns. In addition to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones Debut, started the rock movement and all the clothes to tag along. Movies, Movies, and more movies! James bond hits it big! The fashion statements throughout the movie slowly started conforming the normal "in" look. The films "American Graffiti" and "Animal House" were set in 1962, and have given yet another glimpse into fashionistas during that time. Fashion is all around happening everyday, through events like movies, music, and politics.
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Jackie Kennedy, her suave classic style, was a staple for any woman 's wardrobe. The first lady held a very responsible, modest, and mature approach to design. She kept up with the times and launched a modern cycle of fashion. Since her husband was the President of the United States of America it only made sense that she would be in the limelight as a role model for women

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