Fashion In The Victorian Era

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Victorian fashion compiles various fashions and trends on British scenario that later emerged and developed in United Kingdom and the British Empire throughout this era (1830s to 1900s). This period saw vast number of changes in fashion of various grounds including changes in clothing, architecture, literature and the decorative and visual arts. Later in 1905, clothing was increasingly factory made and often sold in large. There were fixed price departmental stores. Methods like custom sewing and home sewing were still significant, but on the decline. Great development was seen in clothing ny new machinery and materials.
The introduction of the lock switch sewing machine in mid century simplified not only home but also boutique dressmaking, and enabled a fashion of of trim as time consuming tool for lavish applications, if done by hand. Lace machinery made lace at the cost of the old. New cheap, bright dyes were developed that displaced the old animal or vegetable dyes.
Changes in technology, leisure, work, cultural and moral values in the Victorian society had a great influence on fashion. Contribution of homelife and politics in turn influenced the clothes we wear. Hence society as well as the significant changes in the era plays an special role in relation to the study of the costumes of a period.
In 1840s and 1850s, dresses were simple and pale and incorporated with realistic flower trimming. They had wide puffed sleeves. Petticots and chemises were under worn under

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