Fashion Industry Scandal

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7. Scandals in the fashion industry In 2011, Shenzen employees reported bad treatments in a Gucci store. But other luxury brands like Prada or Dolce & Gabbana have also had their fair share of accusation: they are reported to exploit illegal Chinese immigrants in Italian factories. In the jewelry business, let’s not forget the problem of ‘blood diamonds’ in Zimbabwe, where human rights have been completely violated. More generally, many scandals in the luxury industry have been highlighted in the recent years. Luxury is scarcity. The resources are rare and precious. Different types of scarcity based on price, quantities produced, limited editions and so on allow a better regulation of consumption and respect of these resources. “When luxury products are scarce, an enduring product is perceived as more socially responsible than an ephemeral one, which leads to more positive attitudes toward the enduring product” (Janssen, C., et al. (2013). The catch-22 of responsible luxury: effects of luxury product characteristics on consumers’ perception of fit with corporate social responsibility). Such scandals have led to the creation of new organizations, like Fashion Revolution, which aim is to denounce the disrespectful behaviors of fashion brands. Fashion Revolution launched the movement #whomademyclothes as well as a fashion transparency index (Fashion Revolution, 2017 impact, retrieved here: While the brands represented in

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