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Fashion is my method of self-expression. The clothes we choose to wear gives us control over how others perceive us and affects how we feel about ourselves. From wearing black at the Golden Globes in support of the Time’s Up movement to the traditional Chinese Qi Pao, clothes can show solidarity without words or act as a way for us to connect to our cultural heritage. This is why fashion is important to me, because it allows me to tell a story about who I am and who I aspire to be. I have chosen to further my Management studies at the London College of Fashion because the MA Fashion Design Management covers themes essential for managing a successful fashion brand, which has always been a dream of mine. Upon watching the documentary “The True…show more content…
Her book lent a much needed female insight into the male dominated world of business, and ultimately lead me to pursuing my BSc Management at the LSE. I chose this degree with the intention of firmly grasping the basics of business and finance and developing my analytical skills, which is paramount to achieving a successful career as a creative manager. Taking Marketing as part of my degree, I studied the 4P’s of the marketing mix and was exposed to the basic methodology of primary and secondary research. As part of the module, I collaborated in a team of four to select an appropriate positioning for a new Ford car in Europe. My group completed a report focusing on the strategic marketing of this new model, utilizing theory from the consumer decision-making process. I also had the opportunity to work with statistical tools, such as Stata and R, as part of my ‘Learning from Quantitative Data’ and ‘Statistical Data and Analysis’ modules. The subject ‘Sample Surveys and Experiments’ required me to collect and work with real data to produce a comprehensive report on my findings. These modules gave me the qualitative and quantitative skills required to critically analyse research findings, which will be useful for the Research Methods unit and the…show more content…
My responsibilities included research and analysis of case studies relevant to a new pricing implementation proposal we were working on for the national energy provider. My consulting experience complements the Creative Futures unit, as they both emphasise innovation in business processes and risk management. I am eager to study this unit because it will expand my knowledge on the development and incorporation of sustainable practices into current manufacturing and sourcing processes, which will be useful when I begin my career. Pursuing my interests, I secured an internship at a fashion event planning company, Stylo International. While working on the research and planning of the first Malaysia Fashion week, I attended a meeting with representatives from MATRADE, the National Trade Promotion Agency, which provided me with knowledge transferable to the Managing Fashion Projects unit in this course. After the meeting, I realised the importance of a well-integrated management structure within creative industries, as it plays a central role in bringing a creative vision to life while ensuring its financial feasibility and profitability. My internship at Dell EMC with the Channel Marketing team required me to work with internal marketing tools to ensure that channel partners were branding the company and its products in accordance with the newly issued brand

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