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The fashion of the 1960s had so many popular trends that many of them are still being used today. In the 1930s many women wore heels, puffy sleeves, and long skirts. Many people already know the style of the 1950s because that was the era of the popular movie “West Side Story”, such as poofy skirts, dresses, leather jackets, and converse. The 1970s was a time of high waisted pants, knee high boots, and many different patterns. Fashion has changed significantly throughout the years but there has been no bigger jump than from the conservative clothing of the 50s to the more flashy style of the late 60s and 70s. In the 1960s, fashion was affected by the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, married to JFK and Woodstock. need transition/This paragraph should only be about the historical, political, and social events of the decade. No fashion info. Popular fashion and designers should be in body paragraph 2. Besides Jacqueline Kennedy and Woodstock being famous subjects during the 60s, Yves Saint Laurent, clothing designer, and the style of “Hippies” were also something many people admired. Even though Jacqueline Kennedy’s husband was assassinated during his presidency that did not stop Jacqueline from …show more content…

There were many different political and social issues during this time but the most important ones were the Vietnam War, the assassination of JFK, and Woodstock that also affected many styles in the fashion world. Even though there were many different styles that people enjoyed during this time Yves Saint Lauren, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Woodstock. Lauren conjoined with the designer/brand Dior, Kennedy designed her own line of clothing, and Woodstock influenced the style known as “hippies.” Even though there were many different styles during the 60s decade Yves Saint Lauren, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Woodstock/Hippies were the most known and popular fashions of the

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