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" Fashions fade, style is eternal"
Fashion styles are a trend that are always in a state of flowing out. What is coveted today might be a redundant arena tomorrow. It is relevant for the fashion industry to experiment with a plethora of designs and patterns to infuse their territory with existing life. One should wear what one can carry graceful and with elegant ease. A powerful personality can adorn even the most simplistic attire with a strong personal statement.
Fashion is cyclic and so are trends. Time and again there are styles and looks that are re invented by designers or return to the fashion front in their original essence. Hence each year a retro brigade of designers, colors, prints and patterns hit the stores and become a much embraced
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Orange is the next red so all your need to do is find the right hue of orange for your lips.
So now we come to hair which is one of the richest ornament of women. Plaits are the tress trends that keeps coming and we are not complaining and the messier they are, the better they look. Handy for those of us who aren 't perfectionists. Extreme side partings inspired by the 1930s can look super sexy too. Gone are those days when you had to spend hours getting your hair stairghtened, this season let your humble curls bounce on your shoulders.
Girls out there showing off their printed pants have seemed to inspire men. Printed pants with blazers are high on fashion radar for men this season. Whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, color blocked patterns are a casual and peppy look for this summer. High rise or rolled pants with awsome sneakers or boat shoes can turn you into a style icon.
Floral or checkked printed jackets are in this season, team up them with solid coloured shorts or pants to rock the look my male readers out there.
Men 's bracelet are set to become a major fashion trend. Metal bracelets, specifically ID bracelets - probably represent the most masculine wrist wear option, largely due to their tributary

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