Essay On Fashion Designing

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Growing up, I was always mad at fashion. I was mad at it because I saw girls as young as seven years old being shamed about their bodies. Third graders would go on diets and admire photos of celebrities which are clearly over-photoshopped. I was mad at an industry which suggests that painfully thin and flawlessly beautiful is the only acceptable way to be. However, middle school changed everything, as I can remember, I spent the whole summer nights watching different fashion shows, from Alexander McQueen to Zac Posen. I was so blown away by the endless possibilities and diversity of fashion and also was fascinated by the idea that people can fully express themselves through their clothes and accessories. That was the time I came to realise that fashion is an extension of my personality. From then on, I couldn’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t attracted to a career in the fashion industry. Currently, I am a senior studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Engineering at Donghua University in Shanghai. Throughout my four years in college, I’ve learned and developed various skills in garment making, for instance, pattern making, apparel draping, sewing techniques,…show more content…
Because fashion is something most people like or admire, but not many of them get the chance to be in this industry. Challenging and fast-paced as it might be, I make myself a promise that I will devote myself to the fashion industry. I do not want to be just a fashion admirer; I want to be a part of the industry. The industry may not be perfect and still has a lot of problems, but that is where my passion and my dreams live. And this program at Poly U will support me in fulfilling my ambition of working dynamically in this industry. I firmly believe that this will also allow me to develop more knowledge in Fashion Merchandizing which will increase my potential of progressing a future career in the fashion
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