Research Methodology

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Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. In short the system of collecting data for research project is known as research methodology. This includes various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them. It is necessary for the researcher to know not only the research methods/techniques but also the methodology.
The research process consists of various closely related activities. The following order concerning various steps provides a useful procedural guideline regarding the research process:
i. Formulating the research problem ii. Extensive literature survey
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3.4 Research Model 3.5 Research Approach
3.5.1 RO1: To get an overview of Indian Digital Advertising Industry scenario
Research Design:
Exploratory Research: This research design is generally used to clarify thoughts and opinions about the research problem or to provide more insights on the research topic. Often the researcher is new to the problem either because the product or the brand is new or the researcher is studying it for the first time for his/her research. In such cases, the first few studies tend to be exploratory in research. (Nargundkar, 2002)
The researcher used this research design because the exploratory research provides a clear understanding about the research objectives related to the research study and helps to crystallize the defined gap. It is used to identify the variables used in the case studied. The data will be collected by the consumers through the questionnaires, which will contain both the qualitative and quantitative data as the descriptive study is restrictive in respect to open-ended questions so that is why the researcher needs a flexible research design which will be suited for the research study.
Data Collection
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Data Collection Method:
The data collection methods used in this research objective are:
Secondary Data: Articles, Online Data, Magazines, Books, Research Papers, etc.
Primary Data: In the primary data, questionnaire was designed to assess the answers and opinions from the individuals regarding the brands which are engaging the customers more.
A questionnaire is a data collection tool designed to collect responses from a targeted sample size in the chosen sample frame. It is an easier option to take a research survey. The questionnaire contains two types of questions:
1. Open-ended questions: Questions which permit any answer from the respondent in his own words are called open-ended questions.
2. Closed-ended questions: Questions which structure the possible answers beforehand are called closed-ended questions.
The purpose of a questionnaire is to collect with ease the data required from the target respondents in the marketing research. The questionnaire must be easy to understand, easy to fill, and must fulfill its

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