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Design is the common style, custom or a mainstream style of garments, hair, and so on of a specific time or place. A prevalent method for carrying on and doing a movement likewise constitutes style. The matter of making or offering garments in new and diverse styles is likewise form. The style business grasps both garments made by individual fashioner for a little and rich customer base otherwise called haute culture and articles of clothing delivered on more extensive business premise sold in high road shops, chain stores, departmental stores or via mail request.

India's design legacy is rich in its custom, lively in hues and to a great degree alluring in look and style. Actually, Indian style differs from town to town and city to city. The nation's antiquated style articles of clothing by and large utilized sewing in spite of the fact that Indians knew sewing moreover. The greater part of the garments were prepared to wear when they cleared out the weaving machine. The customary Indian
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Numerous Indian colleges offer confirmation, graduate and postgraduate courses in style and corrective outlining. Such learning enhances the imaginative abilities and gives a bleeding edge innovation in outlining. The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) holds the style party to offer a stage to the examples of Indian style industry and to give them right open doors for showing their aptitudes and showcasing their manifestations to the outside world for a high benefit. There are likewise lasting elements like the Lakme India Fashion Week that show marvelousness, magnificent outlines and new architects to show their aptitudes on the slope appears. The vogue architects like Pooja Nayyer and Anju Modi give motivation to inventive

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