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You are what you wear (fashion style) “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language “(Miuccia Prada). People can be judged based on the clothes they wear. Clothes reveal more about us than we think t, all our fears that we kept as the secret, our wishes and spending habits. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner claims that choosing clothes and behavior come from internal motivations such as emotions, experience, and culture. Moreover, there are five different personality types based on people’s choices of clothing. (, 2016) People who wear provocative clothes
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“The style is a way to say who they are without having to speak” (Rachel Zoe). When individuals do not care about what they wear, they do not care about themselves. This leads to feeling unhappy and insecure, which has as a consequence them thinking of the negative perspective of the life. For instance, many mothers, who just got their first child, are this type of a person. In this case, mothers are putting their family first, and then everything else. After a while, they are becoming disgruntled and they are making everyone around them feel the…show more content…
This is a really common for people, who have problems with themselves or the society. The society is there to make individuals look and behave in the same way, for example they said what people should wear in school or at work or what is appropriate for our age. They are there to define us like person. The people, who tend to wear inappropriate clothes, want to be different and to be recognizable in a society. To conclude, fashion is the way people can express themselves. Individuals can say what they want or what they mean without using any words. Therefore, especially the younger members of the modern society watch what they wear. Knowing that people judge other’s personality based on clothes, individuals dress in a way so they do not pass the wrong message to world. “Do not be into trends. Do not make fashion own you, but you decide what are you, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live” (Gianni

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