Fashion Trends In Fashion Industry

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1.1 Background information
In this report a research will be conducted on the role of bloggers in the Fashion Industry. Nowadays bloggers have a big influence on brand exposure on the internet which is mainly through social media. In an industry that is constantly changing where designers and brands are already viewed as successful have built their empire into legacies. This ensures for an obstacle for many young designers who are wishing to make their mark within the industry as well. Despite the fact that they are well educated it is hard for them to compete with these well know designers in the fashion industry who worked for year to gain their current fame.
As well known designers are following the trend by taking their branding effort
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1.3 Sub questions
The sub questions with regard to the main research question are as followed:
1: How can fashion bloggers increase brand awareness and/or exposure of an existing and new designer in the fashion industry?
2: How are relationships between designers and bloggers beneficial for both parties?
3: How have fashion blogs fasten the fashion industries into a more transparent community for its consumers?

1.4 Research objective
The objective of this research is to find out what influence bloggers have on brand exposure in the fashion industry.

1.5 Scope of the research
The scope of this research is to gain a better understanding of why blogging has become such an important marketing strategy for many fashion brands.

1. Literature review
For this literature review I used the following articles:
- E-Merce magazine
- Harpers Bazaar
- Article of marketing conference-: The influence of fashion blogs on consumers
- YouTube: The Influence of Fashion bloggers in the Fashion Industry
- Orbit Media

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These blog post can be through Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Facebook. Such post has become more transparent due to the fact that they use hashtags such as #sponsored #ad or #incollaborationwith it gives a clear identification that the content is sponsored by the brand.
3: Collaborations: “Bloggers often do collaborations with brands that have similar style aesthetic or audiences”. Last year number one Dutch blogger Negin Mirsalehi collaborated with the brand Dior. If both the brand and the blogger both are interested in each other and if the blogger stands behind the product than this most likely turns into a collaboration. Because of the success Negin has signed another contract with Dior and they will keep on collaborating with each other for the coming year.
4: Marketing campaigns: These campaigns consist of different content than sponsored content. With sponsored marketing the blogger often gets something to create on their personal site but with marketing campaign it’s done by the brands marketing team and is published on the company’s website. It is promoted by the brand itself but is also is shared on the blogger’s
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