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1960’s in western fashion
The 1960s was a decade that broke many fashion traditions. The century featured some diverse trends. In 1964 trends got large amounts of media publicity in urban centres. That influenced the haute couture* of elite designers and the mass-market manufacturers. Example of clothes are the mini skirt, culottes and go-go boots. Hairstyles were a variety of lengths and styles. In the late 1960s, the hippie movements also had a strong influence on women’s clothings styles. The 1960s were an age of fashion innovation for women. The women’s liberation movement, The feminism made the miniskirt became popular.
*Haute couture: French for "high sewing" or "high dressmaking" or "high fashion") is the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing.

1970’s in western fashion
Fashion in 1970 was about individuality. Clothes were getting cheaper because of overproduction. In earlier censury’s people followed the trend trends, but the 70’s were about ‘’Freedom, identity and personal expression’’. Items like mini skirts en bell-bottoms popularized by hippies. glam rock and disco styles introduced platform shoes, bright colors, glitter, and satin. By using 70’s new technologies mass production got higher efficiency, higher standards and uniformity. The French designer, Yves Saint
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An new type of accessories came to the western world: tattoos, body piercings and ear piercings. In the early 1990s, actually since the late 1980s. Fashions remained very stylish for men and women. However, the popularity alternative rock music and grunge helped bring the simple styles. In the late 90’s the casual chic look became popular, a trend that continued into the 2000s. fashion trends throughout the decade used styles from previous decades, mainly the 1950s, 1960s and
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