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Have you ever started a movie, got halfway through and gave up on it because it is just not getting any better at all? If that sounds pleasing, Superfast! Is the movie for you. This movie is a parody of the famous series Fast and Furious, it follows somewhat the same story line, has bad acting, bad ideas of humor, and lots of confusion. If I were on the cast or the staff of Fast and Furious I would be greatly offended by this terrible attempt at a remake of the movies. An undercover cop by the name of Lucas White joins a street race to try to catch some criminals on the streets. The plan goes down the drain when Lucas begins to make real friendships with the criminals and becomes one of them. Lucas finds himself in the middle of a cash heist,…show more content…
The director probably wanted the actors to act badly for the purpose of humor but he this movie takes that to the next level and just makes it hard to watch. There are scenes in the movie where Alex Ashbaugh, the actor of Lucas white, is supposed to be surprised and there is no chance of believing he is actually surprised. The movie is filled with things like this that make it lack any realistic speech. There is one scene in the movie right at the beginning where a street race is taking place, for the most part that race was pretty realistic, there were definitely parts that were not real at all, but it was almost enjoyable to watch because of the way it was different than the other parts of the movie. As for the rest of the movie, it was full of, dumb, silly, unrealistic and overdramatized events that didn't make sense and made the movie extremely hard to get through. There is absolutely no trace of any message or moral in this video whatsoever. The only purpose of this movie is to make silly jokes that do not make sense in an effort to make people laugh. If you are looking for a movie that will teach you something or will help you with something, look away from this movie

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