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Fast Fashion Fast fashion has completely changed how consumers make purchases. Before the 1800s most people relied on raising sheep to get wool to spin yarn, weave cloth. The cycle of fashion finally picked up speed during the Industrial revolution, which introduced new textile machines, factories, and ready-made clothing or clothing that is made in bulk in arrange of sizes rather than being made to order. 1846 sewing machine was patented fast fall in the price of clothing and an enormous increase in the scale of clothing production. Dressmaking businesses were producing clothing for middle-class women, while women of lower incomes. Continued to make their own clothing. The fabric necessary by world war II led to an increase in standardized…show more content…
Quality over quantity. Vintage garments consist of high quality materials such as fabric, beads,.. In vintage clothing the design consists of one not more. So it was too hard to find the same garment in somebody else. We can say that vintage clothing was special because of this. Every vintage garment comes with a story. Vintage garments are nostalgic. It is history, art and the stories of those who have come before us. Owning a vintage clothing is a way of keeping those people, those histories and that artistry alive. How “used clothing” became vintage fashion Gallo wears head-to-toe clothing from the 1930s and 1940s on a daily basis. In the times of World War II Americans had entered on age of consumerism focused on all things shiny and new. Old clothes were referred to as “used”, “worn” and “secondhand” these old clothes were for people that could not afford the freshly made stuff. After this came the mods and hippies whom combined them into novel outfits and tuned all of this into “vintage fashion”. This revolution began in 1965. Harriet Love opened a vintage chic, a boutique that sold “antique” garments. “Clever women have discovered that antique clothes have a magnificent cut and hand-done details not often found in clothes these days”. - New York Times In the early '80s Gallo was experimenting with vintage fashion as a proud member of the punk and new wave movement. “secondhand” /

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