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Title: The fast fat burning diet aka The Wild Diet
Meta: Usually slimming reqiures time and patience. But sometimes, people need to lose weight quickly. Thankfully, there are some fast fat burning diets, and The Wild Diet is one of them!
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The fast fat burning diet
The Wild Diet is not designed to be a radical one. It’s designed to alter your attitude to food, make your metabolism get rid of fat, and give you excellent appearance and feeling for your whole life. The Wild Diet is more than a diet - it's a lifestyle. But there are some situations where people need to lose a lot of weight quickly. If you need to become slim as soon as possible,
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Reduce eating of avocado, coconut, fatty meats, and oils to small amounts – their calories add up quickly. The same situation is with egg yolks – whole eggs are the best option but white parts of them contain more protein and fewer calories.
Eat seafood and lean meat. Chicken breast, turkey, tuna, and salmon usually have 50% less calories than red meats, which are more fatty. If you let yourself eat fatty meat, limit portions strictly and eat smaller amounts.
Be careful with dressings which often contain lots of sugar and other harmful components. When eating at a cafe or a restaurant, always ask for the sauce on the side or a dish without it at all. Instead you can squeeze two or three pieces of lemon on your salad or bring vinegar from home.
Don't eat most fruits, nuts, and milk products. Some berries or half a green apple can be rarely eaten as a treat (or used in green smoothies), but the majority of fruits contain lots of sugar which can slow down fat loss. Nuts are easy to eat too much and are omega-6s rich, so control how many you take – a little portion a day is not bad. Milk products prevent weight loss for most people. So you should better avoid them if you want to get slim

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