Fast Food Begins In The Home Analysis

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Daniel Weintraub in the article, “The battle of the fast food begins in the home,” argues that parents are to be at fault for their children being overweight. Fast food companies are not the problem. Weintraub supports his argument by explaining the data and research show that most studies focused on “ The increasing contribution of fast food and soft drinks, large portion sizes in restaurants….” The author 's purpose is to raise awareness and inform readers that parents need to take responsibility so that their children stop blaming others for something that is happening in the home. The author writes in an internal tone for adults with children in the home. Exactly how much weight do we Americans gain because of the cause of parents. They are the ones who are supposed to show us the correct path to eat much better food sources. We accelerate on the fact of eating fast food is a better alternative ,but I believe it 's just a way for parents to be much lazier by feeding their children something much cheaper and much more faster. According to the author Daniel Weintraub clearly states “It’s the fault of parents who let their kids eat…show more content…
To me this is a completely out of proportion context because when you keep feeding your children the fast food they will get so common with it they will expect it every day. As a parent, you need to be a parent and take care of your child to feed them correctly and not be their friend by giving them whatever they want. Eating fast food is delicious but it should be used as a treat! We as teens ,parents and children need to go fight the fate towards obesity to become the healthy American we may soon one
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