Fast Food Blame

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Fast-food industries have taken the blame for being the main cause of obesity in America, but that is not necessarily the case for people have complete control over what they decide to consume. Many people use the fact that fast food restaurants are located almost everywhere as a big reason for them being the cause of American obesity. Since they are located almost everywhere, they are supposedly difficult to avoid, but that is in no way an excuse for giving in and eating at those particular restaurants. The only factor that is an issue in this situation is an individual’s weak mentality that allows them to give in and eat at those restaurants because of the “convenience”. Any individual 's state of health should not be blamed on an entire industry,…show more content…
If an individual is truly concerned for their own health then the convenience of fast food restaurants will not be an issue. Regardless of the blame put on fast food restaurants, people will continue to eat at those places which makes it seem pointless to continue to blame the fast-food industry for the overall obesity issue. Obesity in America is gradually becoming more of an issue over time and the seriousness of this particular issue is not taken as it should be. As Maiello states in his article, An Equal Shot: Big Fat America, “Partly because people don’t smoke as much as they used to and partly because we work sedentary jobs while indulging in a high calorie diet, obesity is now a bigger health problem in America than tobacco use,” he demonstrates the similarity between obesity and smoking to show how obesity should be taken more seriously than it is. Smoking and obesity both rely on an individual’s choice, but smoking was taken more serious because smoking was affecting others as well as the smokers themselves. If second-hand smoke was not an issue, then smoking would not have decreased they way it did. Both smoking and eating unhealthy foods are voluntary acts, which goes to show that the fast-food industry is not the main factor of the obesity issue in
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