Fast Food Catastrophe: Caesar Barber

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Fast Food Catastrophe
Caesar Barber ate at fast food restaurants 5 to 4 times a week he went to MCDonalds, Wendy 's And K.F.C.He did this because it was quote unquote “addictive”. From his eating habits he had a heart attack and how he dealt with it was drastic he sued the company 's for ruining his life. He sued the companies MCDonald 's Wendy 's and K.F.C I think it is his fault this is why.

Fast food in not addictive like cigarettes are because fast food does not have the addictive chemicals. Get this and after the heart attacks he continued to go to the restaurants. Barber admitted that it was based on free will, he said it was “cheap and efficient”. He actually never read the nutrition info that is in the restaurants.Caesar Barber has abject stupidity which is refusing to take responsibility at all. This makes me think he doesn 't care about the matter at hand.
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Caesar Barber thinks 100% beef is good for you there for fast food is healthy if it has it but eating there four to five times a week that 's not good. Obesity is the second largest cause of unnecessary death if i was Caesar I would do something about my weight. Caesar should look at the nutrition facts in the restaurants and take
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