Fast Food Chain Restaurant Case Study

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3.1 OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To understand the consumer attitude towards Fast food chain restaurant in tier two cities in Tamilnadu. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES 1. To identify the satisfaction level of customers of fast food chain restaurant. 2. To understand the taste and preference of customers towards fast food chain restaurant. 3. To identify the major competitor of Fast food chain restaurant. 4. To know the rating of the customers for the ambience, Beverage, food and Service. 5. To provide suitable suggestions to improve eth fast food chain restaurant business in tier cities of Tamilnadu 3.2 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT 1. This study focus on understanding the customer’s attitude and behavior towards the Fast food chain restaurant. 2. It helps the management to improve the quality of service 3. The study helps fast food chain restaurant to know the changing tastes and the current preference of its customers. 4. The study covers the growing expectations of the customers and the ways to increase the satisfaction level of its customers. 5. A thorough analysis of the Fast food chain restaurant operations. 3.3 NEED FOR THE PROJECT Fast food chain restaurants in tier two cities of Tamilnadu wants to meet or exceed the satisfaction level of its customers to expand its market share, customer base and make global presence. To make this happen, this study with the customers about their attitude and behaviors towards the Fast food chain restaurant products has been conducted. 3.5

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