American Fast Food Culture

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The origin of American fast food culture
Nowadays, fast food is not unfamiliar for American. As we all know, American are keen on fast food very much without doubt. America is the biggest fast food kingdom in the world.
American fast food culture is able to appear that benefits from many of factors.
America has become a big country of immigrants by Europeans and Africans since the new continent was discovered. After solving the problem of unification of the north and south and constitution, the economics and technology of America was developing rapidly. At that time, the pace of the development of American industrial civilization and global expansion speeded up, because American economics got resurgence after the end of World War II. In that era, people were busy every day in order to create much more wealth that they liked. And then the rhythm of life became more and more quick and lifestyle started changing gradually.
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They love the lifestyle of freedom and seek freedom. The fast food culture is a kind of way of freedom without doubts. It meets the attitude of life of America——freedom and casual.
In America, there are a lot of brands of fast food are promoted, such as, McDonald 's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Wallace, Taco Bell, Dicos and so on. The fast food refers to some food that they are able to prepare and provide for customers quickly. It usually can take by hand without any tableware. And you usually can take them away the restaurants. There is no doubt that it is so convenient that those people who want to save time to do other things.
These restaurants served a kind of food specially. Such as hamburger, ham, sandwich, Chips, pizzas, ice-cream, carbonated beverage and so on. They took more attention to speed and convenience. The market was for the public. It won a competitive edge obviously with low-cost labor and material. It was very popular among the
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