Fast Food Effect On Children Essay

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The only time following infancy when the rate of physical growth actually increases is adolescence. This abrupt growth spurt is associated with hormonal, cognitive, and affective changes that make adolescence an especially assailable period of life. First, there is a higher demand for calories and nutrients due to the dramatic increase in growth and development over a relatively short period of time. Secondly, adolescence is a time of changing lifestyles and dietary habits. Adolescent body is going through changes which are affecting both nutrient needs and caloric intake.
Third, adolescent drive for individualism hinders the right decision making when it comes to the choice of healthy meal option over trendy fast food meal. Adolescence is divided into three stages. Early adolescence (11-14
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Now the children are used to easy accessible and fast prepared food. The most attractive meals among children are ice cream, chips, coke, pizzas and burgers. Adolescents rapidly seem to have stepped into a world of fast foods and vending machines, totally unaware of the harm they are causing themselves and the negative effect on their health.
Good nutrition is of utmost priority for children at the time of steady growth between the age of 6 -12 year. In this age group eating habits hasn 't only impact on children health but also on their concentration, feelings and behavior. The most common scenario in most households is a children who returns from school hangs himself in front of the television, faithfully accompanied by a bowl of chips and a can of coke. Such nutritionally poor foods become fast addictive and can sow the seeds of weakness and debilitating disease, which ultimately leads to many an incurable disease. Research showed that every day 33% children consume fast food.

Reasons children eat fast food instead of healthy

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