Fast Food Effects On Health

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The effect of junk food on your health Do you think that junk food have a bad effect on our health? We think that no one can deny the destructive effects of fast or junk food on our health. People always eat junk food without any kind of planning. People eat in their free time, fast food are found everywhere. They just ask for a meal . The components of junk food are very tasty and make people addictive, so we can say that people eat a lot of fats and sugar (the components of fast food) which are very harmful to our health. Fast food as defined and described above need not necessarily be bad for health. Unfortunately, the typical kind of fast food popular in countries like USA, combined with general trend of people eating a lot of…show more content…
in the short term they will suffer from depression and obesity and in the long term they can suffer from dangerous diseases such as blood pressure which leads to heart attacks and death. So, we can say that people having daily fast food are leading themselves to death. Junk food is not only harmful for people health but it is also harmful to our environment as it pollutes air and water and can also lead to global warming .it is very clear that fat or junk food is a temptation to everyone because they are available everywhere but people must think of the bad effects of this bad habit, they should avoid eating fast food meals and replace these meals with healthy food, they should have a healthy diet which is full of calcium which is very essential to the formation of their bones and also useful for their children, they should encourage their children to eat fresh food , fruits and vegetables which is very essential to their bodies , by doing this people will protect themselves and their children from dangerous diseases, in short we can say that healthy food leads to healthy

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