Fast Food Haze

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I. Introduction A. Hook/Attention getter: Haze is defined as the presence of any foreign substances in the air other than the pure air and it usually formed from the open burning and illegal logging. B. General statement:According to environmentalists, of the University of Hawaii Professor Bach (1972 ) air pollution in the West began in the late 1940s caused the rapid development of the industrial sector and transport . Air pollution is associated with at the time of emission , industrial , power stations and other pollutants which have produced content Hydrocarbon air like ( HC ) , Carbon Monoxide ( CO ) , Nitrogen Oxides (NO , ) , Sulfur Oxide ( SO3 and Suspended particle size less than 10 microns ( PM10 ) . C. Thesis statement: Haze can…show more content…
Introduction A. Hook/Attention getter (2 marks):: A&W, Starbuck, JCO Donuts, KFC and Vivo is one of the list of Fast Food Company that operation in Malaysia B. General statement (2marks): In this era globalisation, people are quite busy doing work or activities. These situations make people no time to cook. That is why they choose more to eat fast foods then cook themselves. C. Thesis statement (2marks): As the fast food contains a lot of unhealthy fat, Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and salt, it necessary to us knows about the negative site of the fast food. Eating fast food, therefore, should not suitable nowadays because it can cause obesity among the children and Teenager, also wasting our money and lack interaction between families. II. Body A. Topic sentence (2marks): The one effect of consuming fast food is obesity. Fast food contains higher amount of MSG, Unhealthy fat and salt. 1. Supporting point 1 (2marks): Fast Food can make our body getting fat and obesity. The Dangerous of fast food is the content of sodium is high. It will make children and Teenager become obesity. Obesity people have higher risk for getting diseases such as diabetes and heart…show more content…
B. Topic sentence (2marks): The next effect of fast food is makes people like to waste their money. 1. Supporting point 1 (2marks): Most of Fast Food in Malaysia is expensive because the restaurants of fast food charge customer with Goods and Service Charge (GST). So, most people will spent a lot of many to get their Fast Food. 2. Supporting point 2 (2marks): Certain People think that on the spot it seems to be cheap to eat out, but if we have that mind-set more than three times a week, cheap turns into more expensive and this is proved by the profit made by this fast food restaurant a. Sub-supporting point 2 (2marks): The annual revenues of America’s state that the fast food industry has raised by about 20 per cent since 2001 C. Topic sentence (2marks): Next affect is lack interaction between families is the effect of fast food. 1. Supporting point 1 (2marks): The lover of fast food usually like goes to the fast food restaurant because most of Restaurant nowadays has facilities to satisfy their customer. Wi-Fi connection is the one of example that restaurant provide to their customers. a. Sub-supporting point 1

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