Fast Food Should Be Banned

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Introduction On the site Wikipedia 7-6-2017 wrote that fast food makes people to eat without dressing up, planning, without making a lot of decisions, sometimes without even getting out of the car. Fast food is an idea that has taken the world by storm, being able to travel from home to Atlanta, to Sweden, to Chicago and now even china and get the same food. Fast food has gained every nook and cranny of American society. Everywhere you turn, you can see a fast food restaurant. Some people blame fast food for America´s overweight and laziness problems while others could not live a day without a double el maco or subway. Fast food was originally intended so serve working class citizens at a fair price for food when they were hungry. Today even the richest man in the world eats…show more content…
Everyone thinks differently about fast food, I asked my friend about what they think about when they hear fast food they said USA because many people there are fat because of fast food or have a health problem (heard from the news). In conclusion preparing meals is healthy since one knows the ingredients and how the cook I cooked. On the other hand, fast food is cooked promptly. I don’t like that fast food are not healthy and makes families spend less time together. As for me sometimes I eat fast food, but I try my best to give up eating such products. I will not deny that I will never eat fast food again, unfortunately sometimes I just even have to eat it because it helps me not to waste a lot of time and it is not so expensive. After learning about fast food I came to realize that there is a conscience if you love fast food, people have to be ready to become fat and to have problems with health. I think that all people should make their own decisions and choose which way they prefer best to eat fast food or do not. But of course, as all amazing that cannot be
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