Fast Food In Barbadian Society

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TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTION 1 SOCIETY HAS CHANGED 2 EASE OF ACCESS 3 EFFECTS OF FAST FOOD OF THE BODY 4 MARKETING 5 INTERVIEW WITH DR ORVILLE ROACHFORD 6 CONCLUSION 7 INTRODUCTION Research has shown change in the dietary habits of many Barbadians, which has been changing to include more fast food products and a less nutrient based diet. This has resulted in an increase in related illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, strokes and heart attacks to name a few. Barbadian society today is plagued with such problems as an ever-growing nation consuming large amounts of fast food produce daily, which in turn affects the health and wellbeing of a nation’s…show more content…
Headaches: Foods with a high sugar and salt content can trigger serious headaches. Ease of Access In recent times, fast food has become easily accessible to average Barbadian families for many reasons. It takes less time to prepare and clean-up than home cooked meals. People are so accustomed to not going home to prepare a home cook meal when there are so many places across the island that make fast food easy to access. To the Barbadian household, it is cheap and there are many varieties available. Many people have different excuses for this practice being more common among us. They cite work and school, not having enough time to prepare a cooked meal, it is time consuming and they do not have to worry with cleaning up the kitchen. Fast food is usually cheaper than homemade meals and dine-in some restaurants. Being a single mom and part-time student fast food has become a major part of my household since I do not have time to go home and prepare a home cooked meal from scratch. It saves a lot of time. Having moved out on my own the extended family is no longer available in some cases to assist in providing healthier and more nutritious home cook…show more content…
Every year, Marketing spends thousands of dollars in promotional advertisements on the fast food restaurants in Barbados. This can done vary E-mails, radio, print media, television and social media. This generation of children have been the direct target in this industry, where their meals included a toy. Birthday parties being hosted in the play park, is ideal for the kids. But most of these meals are unhealthy, yet parents see value for their money and it exactly what marketing was aiming

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