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Should fast foods be banned, limited or allowed in society?

Over the past decade, the living style of human beings has always been on a fast pace, because of this, society has been largely dependant on fast foods. The term ‘Fast Foods’ is regarded to be foods that can be prepared/served quickly. Over the past few decades, fast foods has become extremely popular. However through the research of many professors and researchers, it has been concluded that fast foods cause many health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure and depression. But environmental factors such as the production of these foods and economical factors such as the food industry’s earnings should also be taken into consideration regarding the problem of should fast foods be banned, limited or allowed in society?

Currently the fast food industry in USA makes around 160 billion US dollars per year, along with around 3.7 million employees. Because of the fact it is such a huge
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This makes it essential that during times of the day, people would require foods that can be served and prepared quickly. This means that fast foods are necessary to compensate for it’s particular living style. However, the obesity rate in Hong Kong is relatively low, 36.6 %. This is mainly because of economic factors such that Hong Kong is a high income earning country, where a certain amount of people wouldn 't depend on fast foods because of financial issues. Though there are still people that are dependant on fast foods because of its cheap cost. The government of Hong Kong did not ban fast foods, but instead, ensured nutritional values of fast foods through various laws and regulation by the Center of food safety. Some of these laws include restriction of certain ingredients and drugs used to cause people to get addicted. This shows that on the perspective on Hong Kong, fast foods should just simply be indirectly limited to a small

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