Fast Food In South Africa Case Study

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 What is meant by fast foods?

 My understanding of fast food is a quick to cook small meal that is mass produced, full of saturated fats and sugar, fast food is normally precooked ingredients that are quick to cook and implement into a dish that takes little time to put together.

 Best known fast food outlets in South Africa

1. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).
2. Steers.
3. Wimpy.
4. Debonairs
5. The Fish and Chips co.
6. Nando’s.
7. Chesa Ny ama.
8. Chicken Licken.
9. McDonalds.
10. Roman’s Pizza.
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 What is a franchise?

 Firstly, a franchise is not a business or industry, it is an agreement between two parties this being the
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Wimpey’s headquarters are now situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. Wimpey’s fast food restaurants only started appearing in South Africa in Durban during the 1960s and by 2011 the well-known “Famous brands franchise owner” had over 500 wimpy restaurants in South Africa alone.

 Products
Wimpy provides a number of consumable products ranging from all day classic breakfasts to a verity od delicious drinks even accommodating Halaal foods to cater for different beliefs. They provide a wide variety of goods that can cater for any part of the day weather is be for a customer to grab a quick bite or grab an easily prepared dinner for a family.

 Pricing

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