Fast Food In Vietnam Case Study

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Perhaps no subject in the contemporary society is as controversial as the matter of fast-food companies. However, at the same time, they are contributing to a major social problem in Vietnam, which is obesity and food safety, and recently some people are starting to sue fast food companies caused their obesity. Fast-food companies should be responsible for this issue of the Vietnamese. According to my opinion, I strongly hold a belief that the problem of obesity and food safety is due to every human sense, to know how modulation daily nutrition and to tighten food safety issues, the companies form fast food is still good for the people of Vietnam in particular and the world in general.
We should first recognize that the problem could be considered
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The next problem is obesity rising in Vietnam, according to statistics 15% of those children are minors 2/3 (by Dr. Tuan V. Nguyen - Garvan Institute of Medical Research of Sydney) due to the fact that most of the youth are mostly busy with work and learn more elderly will use fast food more convenient. On the issue of obesity is not only taking place in Vietnam where the whole world is facing us. Obesity not because we use the fast food that it happened because of different reasons, but typically that is the limited movement of the body. They may practice some exercises for burning calories, or try not to eat fast food as much as they can, ask for their caring for health. Even though people do not have enough money or time to eat except for fast food, fast food can choose in shops. Therefore, the responsibility of obesity should be taken by obese people, though fast food companies take actions to decrease…show more content…
as a solution to the difficult problem of the meal need fast and full of nutrients. Mothers in the UK have very dense schedule, but must arrange for their children eat right meal, the fast food restaurant is where they put trust in it. Survey also shows that the number of women to work more than women do housework and eating out habits compared increasing habit of cooking at home (Schlosser, 2002). The company is a franchise of fast food all over the world like China, India, Malaysia, ... and including Vietnam, have solved many puzzles of meals for busy people, down the burden of having to go home to cook for themselves, in addition the company also provides convenient tools rather more modern and the food was online bookings, online, or just a phone call that food can bring to loosen agencies work in a very short time (according Rault - Wack and Bricas, 2002). In addition to those with busy schedules, the fast-food outlets is also selected by the local population, especially the youth and the elderly, it shows their convenience and needs of people on a high. There are fast food outlets solve the nutritious meals they also where friends meet, a place to relax after work or also the base along the way. Talking about the economic aspect, the fast-food company or in other words,

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