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Threat of new entrants Take-A-Box is entering fast food industry as a new entrant and it is consider high competitive of force. Economies of scale is one of the barriers to entry this industry. Take-A-Box need to accept the cost of disadvantage in order to compete with those large scale existing competitions. Moreover, Take-A-Box need to spend a huge amount for advertisement in order to build the brand awareness which is to overcome the barrier to entry of product differentiation. Take-A-Box providing healthy fast foods which can easily differentiate compare to the traditional fast foods restaurant such as KFC or MCD. In this case, Take-A-Box is following the trends by implement a phone application for online ordering service and also implement…show more content…
However, the bargain power of suppliers in fast food industry is consider low. There are many suppliers supplying ingredients to the others. If one of the supplier offer too high price, Take-A-Box may consider to find others. Moreover, Take-A-Box may sign contract for a year with the supplier that both of us agree the deal. In this case, Take-A-Box have to maintain a good relationship with the supplier by communicate with the supplier regularly through phone calls, whatsapp or gathering…show more content…
The bargain power of buyers in fast food industry is consider high due to there are too many fast foods located at everywhere nowadays. Buyers can choose which fast foods restaurant to go and which they more prefer to go. Therefore, Take-A-Box is unique compare to the others by providing healthy meals to the consumers. For instance, the most famous fast foods in Malaysia are McD and KFC, however both of this fast foods do not emphasized in healthy meals. Moreover, Subway only providing sandwiches. Take-A-Box is totally different from all of these. In addition, Take-A-Box do provide free access WiFi to the consumers who dine-in. Industry competitors Industry competitors refer to the current competitors for the same product. It is high competitive in fast foods industry. Location is the important issue for every business especially to food industry. Fast food restaurant must be easy to reach by customers. For instance, Take-A-Box can be located nearby office area in order to let the workers easily reach within a walking distance. Furthermore, as I mentioned above, Take-A-Box can be order through website or an application. It may bring convenience to the customers who need delivery

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