Fast Food Market In Ghana Case Study

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You will look at the marketplace within your expertise and identify a business opportunity. Apply various concepts covered in the course thus far such as strategic competitive advantage. Provide a simple business case for the new innovation; consider all aspects of costs (labour, materials, etc.) and possible sources of revenues and applications.


1.0 Introduction
The fast-food market has become very attractive to many competitors in Ghana. This paper applies various concepts to the business case for the fast-food by considering aspects of costs (labor, materials, etc.) and possible sources of revenues and applications.
2.0 Market Analysis
2.2 Porters Five
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Ghana has a traditional food culture and each ethnic group has a well-established cuisine which matches the western food chain in quality and nutritional value (Sugishita, 2011; Schueppert, 2014). It is the case that these traditional substitutes are cheaper and appeals more to the local people who are in the majority.
2.2.3 Power of Buyers
The power of buyers is very high in the fast food market in Ghana due to the availability of the close substitutes with lower switching cost (Zhang, et al, 2014). Moreover substitute arefound in convenient areas that it cost virtually nothing to move from one place to the other while in some instances the fast food chains are rather situated in prominent areas only (Ren-ying, 2014). 2.2.4 Suppliers
The supplier power is relatively moderate for the fast food chains in Ghana. The reason is that suppliers are many and they also have many people to supply to hence they are not in want as to struggling to see their product (Azman, et al, 2014).
2.2.5 Competitive Rivalry
There isn’t much differentiation in products hence the competition is reduced to providing price cuts, involvement in corporate social responsibility and marketing

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