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The movie is set in 1954 and begins with Ray Kroc, who is a salesman or a hustler, making a pitch to an owner of a drive-in about a milkshake machine. He and his wife Ethel live in a big house in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Ray is very committed to his job, which requires him to be on the road quite a lot; however this has created tension between Ray and Ethel as Ethel wishes that Ray would be as interested in her as he is in his job. Ray’s job involves him making pitches about new merchandise that will supposedly better production, to drive-ins with the aim of selling those products - effectively he is a human marketing campaign. While on the road, Ray gets a phone call from a lady called June, raving about a new Fast food restaurant situated…show more content…
In these speeches he is shown challenging the status quo and encouraging the people in these groups to challenge the status quo, with the long term goal of creating a 100% success rate for McDonalds. • At 58:55 he can be seen as a leader, he is tasting a burger made at one of his franchises and he relays his satisfaction to the franchisee of the store, this motivating his franchisee to keep up his good work. • At 54:37 one of Rays franchisees are seen motivating his staff, representing a good leader Ray Croc has an excessive commitment to excellence; this is shown through his obsessive nature in cleanliness of restaurants through to the size and thickness of the burger and fries being served. He showed great enthusiasm through his ability to sell and pass success way before McDonald’s had provided him with the confidence and base that attracted talent his way – this is known to be one of the keys to his overall success. Rays optimism also gave him the ability to sell his idea. He was considered a story teller by the way he had with words when making a pitch. Professionalism and Ethics Professionalism

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