Fast Food Nation Chapter 3 Summary

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Chapter three starts out by talking about the land use in Colorado Springs. The book tells us that in one part of town it looks old fashioned with many different types of small shops and unique looking houses and on the other side of town it is filled with an everlasting amount of fast food restaurants and houses that all look the same. I can somehow relate to this because the area that I live in has many shopping stores (Brand names that may be in a shopping mall), fast food restaurants, and in some neighborhoods similar looking houses. However in another part of the city, there isn’t as many fast food restaurants and some of the stores are family owned businesses. Next, the author talks about population growth in Colorado Springs. Before…show more content…
Informing its readers on some of the fast food employees schedule. The book also tells us about employment of those who are still in highschool working into the late hours of night and struggling to get their homework done. Eric Schlosser also gives us insight on how fast food workers prepare the food in the kitchen, describing almost every item on the menu as frozen, precooked, and dehydrated. All the workers have to do is “add water”. He then talks about turnovers in the fast food industry. informing us that workers can get hired, fired, and replaced in a heartbeat. After that the writer mentions that some McDonald’s workers were forced to take a lie detector test to see if they were telling the truth about being in a union or not. The third chapter also notifies the readers about the dangers of working in a fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurants are very vulnerable to robbers looking for easy cash in the early morning and late night time. Some robbers are even recognized by their victims because the were former or current employees. Although people have advised companies to put in more effort to keep the workers safe not much has changed when it comes to violence in the fast food industry. The chapter ends, by talking about how some companies make working at fast food restaurants a little bit better by including employee
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