Fast Food Nation

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The first heard of the movie "Fast Food Nations" in 8th grade when my I found out my classmate had recently gone vegan after watching this particular movie. I thought nothing of it at the time due to her poor explanation as to what it was about and figured I would watch it at a later time. Now a half a decade later it seems I finally ended up watching this unscrupulous film. As I state that I wish to make it clear that it was successful in hitting it 's mark with informing the viewers of this film.
Though there were certain scenes in the movie that made no sense what so ever. The movie did a phenomenal job with portraying how the companies work in order to achieve their goal of keeping their fast food in today 's society. The director also made sure to show just how unhealthy and unregulated this part of our country has become. As one of it 's primary goals I think it showed how the corporations do their best to incorporate their name into our minds to link with things such as "celebration, happiness, accomplishment, and rewards. The saddest part about things like this is that each can easily be placed into a child with access to the internet.
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The last thing I want to mention about "Fast Food Nation" is that it also made a effort to show the working conditions of immigrant workers and how they are brought here. It based a large majority on illegal immigrants as a unwillful contributer to this corporate mission to merge itself with today 's society. An example of this is would be the begging few entrance scenes into the movie involving the illegal immigrants being transported over the border. Towards the end of the movie it had went into a modest amount of detail involving the unsafe environments of that time the immigrants faced and how they lived their lives. In conclusion I think that the author Eric Schlosser did a amazing job at getting the point across to the viewers and the director Richard Linklater did a mediocre job at best directing
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