Fast Food Persuasive Speech

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Title : Fast Food is bad for our health
Organizational Pattern : Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Visual Aid : Power point slides and pictures
General Purpose : To persuade
Specific Purpose : To persuade my audience to reduce eating fast food
Central Idea : Fast food is detrimental to people’s health because it will lead to rising rate of obesity, can harmful our health and it’s contain a lot of chemical and oil.


I. In this modern society, fast food has quickly been adopted in our culture and been preferred as food of choice.
II. A lot of Malaysians now are influence to eating fast food because it has become one of the easy and fast ways to get it when we are in a hurry or starve.
A. With the popularity
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b) Even fast food is not a direct cause of obesity. However, fast food is high in calories, fat and large size of portion that can lead to weight gain and obesity.

(Transition: Secondly, did you know that fast food can harmful our health badly.)

II. Fast foods are capable to affect our health badly, this is because of fat and calories are very difficult to digest in our body.
I. Then undigested fat and calories will be retain in our body cause to much oil and it can affect our blood circulation, muscles and kidney.
II. Once the blood circulation is being affected, there will be many health problem will occur. For example, you will lack of energy and heart problem.
III. Today, we cannot live without fast food because they are too many type of fast food and easily available anywhere.
A. Moreover, if we eat too much fast food of course it’s not good for our health. So we must reduce our consumption of fast food to balance the nutrition in our body by eating natural, healthy food and more nutritional food.

(Transition: Finally, fast food contains a lot of chemical and oil that we didn’t

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