Fast Food Problems In America

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Fast food is quick, easy to get and cheap very cheap daily meal of many. But, do you even know what is in your food? Or why is it so cheap? Of course not you see an offer for a hamburger for $2 and you say “oh what a deal”, instead of question how and why are they able to make bad sell a burger for such price. Many families in America would feed their family a course of McDonald’s for dinner rather than taking the time out of their day to cook healthier meal for the family.Fast food is becoming a major cause for many health problems in America. Advertising trying to persuade you to get 5 items for $4 or how eating at McDonald’s makes a family happy. By the way processed foods are produced is disgusting. The treatment of the animals to the…show more content…
Such problems as childhood obesity, diabetes, etc. “Hidden health cost like out global obesity epidemic and the food-related public health issues of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are certainly not included in the cost of your fast food meal.”(Gustafson) Fast food is filled with numerous number of chemicals. It’s mostly filled with chemical rather than natural ingredients but then again nature ingredients can be argued. For example the meat for the hamburger, comes from cows but they are but on a strict diet of corn and soy which is not their nature diet to be fatten enough for slaughtering. “Money might be scare, but cheap food is abundant… Low food prices may contribute to American obesity.”(Thompson) Financially adverse people they don’t have enough money and cheap food is well available everywhere and easy to find. So, their daily meals tend to be fast food which is affordable for them but harmful too. People sometimes know it’s not good for them but they are dependent on fast food for breakfast, lunch, and…show more content…
“A study showed that fast food workers are getting $7 billion tax payer dollars, which provides a huge, additional subsidy to fast food companies(on top of the corn and soy subsides that allow them to buy cheap ingredients with government help).”(Gustafson) The fast food industry is making money off of buying and feeding animals corn and soy diets. They are easily taking advantage of the cheap ingredients the government is allowing them to buy. The government instead of making me this kind of process illegal is allowing it .“Processed foods are cheap because our government subsidizes the manufacturing cost to make these foods… The toxic and inflammatory chemicals in processed foods”(Bishop)The food drug administration themselves are passing the harmful chemicals. The endangerment of all people’s health that choice to eat fast foods. Giving these industries chance to make easy money off of slowly killing us off as they take your money. In conclusion the decision to consume fast food is ones own. But I would advise people to learn where their food comes from. To choose a better alternative for them something that isn’t filled with chemical. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just has to be natural. Not genetically combined either. And to conclude I am not saying you can’t have fast food once in a while but don’t have it
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