Fast Food Theory

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Today there are a vast variety of fast food chains that are inexpensive and convenient to many. For most, it is the perfect opportunity to relieve some stress from a long day at work, school, or at home with the children. Fast food can taste so good and almost seem necessary when the cravings are kicking in, a fact for most of the people surrounding me. I have personally tested this theory many times in different situations, and the results are always the same. Fast food has become a significant problem with my health, which caused unnecessary weight gain, the lack of energy, stress and an overall unhealthy lifestyle.
The massive intake of fast food started during childhood for both my wife and me. For our busy parents, it was an essay stress-free
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A promise was made to myself, to stay away from fast food and it was a promise well kept. I managed to make that pledge last longer than six months before I consumed another piece of processed food. The break from this daily menu allowed me to taste all the preservatives and grease that made up the fast food I once craved. The minute I ate a burger from McDonald's, the reason for change became evident. The food made me sick and sluggish for the rest of the day. From then on, my life choices changed, it strengthened my self-control and pushed me into the field of health and fitness as a…show more content…
I could feel the grip my old lifestyle had on me loosen up, and my mind transcended my previous beliefs. I have become accustomed to this new lifestyle that it inspired me to pursue an everlasting goal of personal fitness. I felt my body shift gears as I focused on avoiding that type of food, and putting a variety of new and healthy foods in my path. Natural sugars, such as fruit replaced the all the candy and chips. Broccoli and salads and an extreme amount of chicken breast replaced my fast food meals. No matter how busy my day was, a home cooked meal was always available, thanks to food preparation are done days in advance. The excessive weight started to shed off. With our proper food preparation, we had meals prepared for the week, for when days were busy, or we were just too tired doing anything. The need for a last-minute burger run or pizza order was no longer needed.
My weight was now in control, because of the lowered calorie intake, eating good carbs, lean proteins, and clean fats. Food shopping consisted of a single day, while cooking was done the next, leaving more time to be active and less stressed about what will be for dinner. With this extra time, I began enriching my families lives with better nutrition and knowledge about the foods that surround them. Having premade food, made not only living at home simpler but traveling easier and less expensive as well.

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