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Want to get faster hair growth? Then you need to read this short article. Healthy hair is faster growing hair and it is a fact that when you take care of your hair the result is faster growing hair. In fact with the right hair growth tips your get double the rate of growth. The key to ensure maximum growth is to not only take steps to maximize the development of your hair but you also need to take steps to prevent breakages.

The best way to stop damage is to make use of a protein treatment. These protein treatments can help prevent breakages. Next you will want to make sure you are on a good diet. A good diet can help foster new hair development. You need a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and the three basic food groups which h are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Stay away from junk foods that contain high amounts of fats and sugars that will hamper hair growth
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This is done by taking in good supplements known to prolong the anagen or hair growth phase of the hair cycle

The supplement that prolongs this phase is known as MSM. MSM will help increase the length of the anagen phase and helps improve hair growth in most individuals.

Here are some other simple and yet powerful tips to help you with your hair growing efforts

As I said before you will want to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. The fresher they are the better. These provide all the nutrients you hair needs to grow

Get lots of omega three fatty acids in your diet. These can be found in salons and other fatty fishes

Consume lots of flaxseed seeds. These helps to grow your hair out. If you can 't get the seeds then take them in pill form. You can find these at any health food store

Take garlic. Garlic has loads of antioxidants that can prevent free radicals from damaging and slowing hair growth

Make use silica and MSMs pills. These as I previously mentioned can also help with

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