Fast Moving Society Analysis

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Since the beginning of time, families have had a member or friend that has lived cities maybe even states away, but mobility should not be the reason for them to lose that relationship.Perry Patetic in his article, “Fast-Moving Society” argues that mobility is the reason why families and friends lose good relationships. The author supports his argument by first demonstrating how mobility makes is easier to move away from people and places in the past. He continues by saying traveling long distance is the only way grandparents and grandchildren can spend time together nowadays. The author’s purpose is to convince everyone that mobility is the big issues and it keeps progressing in order so that others will realize this and stop using it to move away. The author establishes a bitter tone for mobility. Mobility should not be an excuse for families and friends to lose touch, traveling can be such an adventure and mobility is a solution to long distance rather than a problem.…show more content…
Traveling can be expensive whether it is flying on a plane or driving. The cost of food, gas, tickets and or little things on the way there and back. Money should not stop families from spending time together, take turns visiting each other. Everyone lets money get in the way of relationships that are not worth losing, if the relationship means something worth keeping their should always be a time to make time for it. Traveling can be a bonding experience, even if it is once a year, that just means it is more quality time. Save up money to go and be adventurous with the people that mean the
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